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Introducing our Shabby Chic Journal, where vintage elegance meets rustic charm. This enchanting journal is more than just a notebook; it’s a journey into a world of delicate beauty and artistic expression. Inspired by the timeless appeal of shabby chic design, this journal captures the essence of a bygone era with a contemporary twist.

The exterior showcases distressed pastel hues and a weathered finish, creating a soft, inviting aesthetic that transports you to a quaint, cozy cottage. The tactile experience begins with the touch of its covers – a gentle reminder of the beauty found in imperfections. A delicate lace or ribbon closure adds a touch of femininity and completes the shabby chic allure.

Inside, you’ll find a haven for your thoughts and creativity. The pages, adorned with subtle floral accents or distressed edges, provide the perfect canvas for your musings. Choose between lined or unlined pages to suit your writing style, as each stroke of your pen becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of this charming journal.

Practicality meets whimsy with features like a built-in bookmark ribbon, ensuring that you can easily pick up where you left off in your creative journey. Express your personal style while organizing your thoughts with this delightful journal that seamlessly combines vintage aesthetics with functional design.

Whether you’re a dreamer, a writer, or an artist seeking inspiration, our Shabby Chic Journal invites you to explore the romance of yesteryears in every word and sketch. Elevate your writing experience with a touch of rustic elegance – order your Shabby Chic Journal today and embark on a journey through pages filled with grace and character.

This beauty has a lot of laces trims and fabric. Papers are dyed with food colour.

size 8″ x6″

Pages: 96 (front and back, including book pages, half pages, pocket pages and flip out pages)

contains ephemera, pockets and tucks

Please see flip through video for details



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